REACH – photo by Luis Lopez, design by me.


REACH - photo by Luis Lopez, design by me.

Often times it’s Necessary to take ourselves of our comfort zone, jump high and reach for what we want… Things not always come our way, we have to go and get them. Just like we hear all the time: good things come to those that dont sit down around and wait, good things happen to those that go out and get them.

The next time you feel like I have so many time, discouraged, tired and about to give up on your job, that someone special, your health and fitness goal, or simply on that friend that let you down think again.

It takes only one action to change that feeling: Try again. Dust yourself off, wipe away your tear and go back at it. Anyway we know that we only become losers when we stop trying. I will fail 8 times, but definitely will try a 9th time or a 10th, whatever is necessary to get the outcome I want. you should do the same….

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ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 1


ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 1

Never heard this before? Learn it.
We all have different goals when it comes to fitness. Some of us just want to be healthy, some others care more about the aesthetics of a sculpted body. I always considered myself an average guy swimming between the two, and competing with my cousin Kendy (always beat me) in Dominican Republic.
I never really understood how come I would eat “healthy and balanced” and saw very little physical change in my overall body fat. Well, after years educating myself in various topics I became in an unplanned way super interested in learning more than what I found in magazines or just with my peers around. I went into books! Awesome idea! I have learned so much, that I can believe the progress I’ve done one week into a new exercise and nutrition plan, made specifically for me…

certainly abs are not made at the gym! I have lost 2 pounds in 5 days! damn, and my abs are showing and are tighter, and my energy levels are hyped…

Stay tuned for part 2, to learn more about this new journey of mine…

Fitness for Life


Fitness for Life

A single reason moves me toward my health and fitness goals: Family health history. Although I consider myself active for most of my life, few years ago I learned about the risk of genetics and hereditary deceases.

3 of my grand parents have died of Cancer and 3 of them have suffered of high blood pressure. The more I research about those deceases the more I learn about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balanced diet and exercise.

People often reject the word “diet” because they automatically think they have to stop eating all the good food, but in reality diet is anything you eat, the difference is that you can either have a good or a bad diet.

Starting today I plan to use this blog as a journal to log my journey for fitness and health,

Feel free to join me…

The Best & Worst Halloween Candies


Definitely talking about candy is sad. I been struggling in a battle for staying healthy while indulging on sneakers, pop tarts for breakfast and chocolate something for dessert when I go out to eat. It’s definitely hard to stay on track to achieve my fitness goals.

This article published by Men’s Fitness magazine will make us feel better about the choices of candies we make this Halloween, HOORRAY!

Going back down to reality, we all know that sugar is not too good for us, for that reason I will put in my 2 cents and tell you what I been doing lately to try on curbing my sugar cravings. Number one option are nuts, all kind. Beside helping hunger they contain the good type of fat that our body need to function well. My other option are seasonal sweet fruits like cherries and other berries.

For now just take a look at this link and pick your favorites and best you! If you have time come back and tell me your pick. my pick is Dark Chocolate.

SUMAR – RESTAR – MULTIPLICAR – DIVIDIR (Addition – Subtraction – Multiplication – Division)



(second try)

I had written this post yesterday. I delete it accidentally.

Yesterday eager to come up with few new ideas for my t-shirt store, which will be part of my website to be released tomorrow night, I went for lunch at Liberato Restaurant in the Bronx with my sketch book and pencil on hand. As I sat down and ordered my lunch, next to me sat Ruben, an elder man from Dominican Republic and without hesitation he started talking to me about his experiences in the United States. I thought for a few minutes: Damn I won’t be able to do what I planned to do here!

As the minutes went by, and to my surprise, I found myself involved in a deep conversation with Ruben. He started talking to me about finances, his business plans and about the secret to stay healthy and to have a positive mental attitude. To my surprise everything he told me came very close to my findings in the last few years about the law of attraction, exercises, budgeting and above all staying true to yourself and the values of family.

Still I felt like I already knew all of this, and that I had just lost my 1 hour of lunch which I had planned all morning how to use.

At the end of our conversation Ruben asked me: Do you know the 4 basic operations of Math? and I answered yes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The he told me: “Right now I only care about 2: addition & multiplication. I finally I had a good feeling about my lunch: I have the concept for my new t-shirt series and a confirmation of the purpose of life!