ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 1


ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 1

Never heard this before? Learn it.
We all have different goals when it comes to fitness. Some of us just want to be healthy, some others care more about the aesthetics of a sculpted body. I always considered myself an average guy swimming between the two, and competing with my cousin Kendy (always beat me) in Dominican Republic.
I never really understood how come I would eat “healthy and balanced” and saw very little physical change in my overall body fat. Well, after years educating myself in various topics I became in an unplanned way super interested in learning more than what I found in magazines or just with my peers around. I went into books! Awesome idea! I have learned so much, that I can believe the progress I’ve done one week into a new exercise and nutrition plan, made specifically for me…

certainly abs are not made at the gym! I have lost 2 pounds in 5 days! damn, and my abs are showing and are tighter, and my energy levels are hyped…

Stay tuned for part 2, to learn more about this new journey of mine…

Fitness for Life


Fitness for Life

A single reason moves me toward my health and fitness goals: Family health history. Although I consider myself active for most of my life, few years ago I learned about the risk of genetics and hereditary deceases.

3 of my grand parents have died of Cancer and 3 of them have suffered of high blood pressure. The more I research about those deceases the more I learn about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balanced diet and exercise.

People often reject the word “diet” because they automatically think they have to stop eating all the good food, but in reality diet is anything you eat, the difference is that you can either have a good or a bad diet.

Starting today I plan to use this blog as a journal to log my journey for fitness and health,

Feel free to join me…

10 Strength-Building Strategies That Will Never Die

“10 Strength-Building Strategies That Will Never Die

Follow these 10 rules for immediate and long-lasting muscle and strength.”

Jim Wendler (Men’s Fitness)
Click the link below to see a very interesting article about building strenght






“Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.” —Alan Thicke

This is one of those quote that will tell you in a straight simple language the secret to fitness. Weight training, cardio exercises, dieting… all the things we think will give you fitness… need not to be seen and an option, but as the only option. Fitness is not achievable through sacrifice, it is achieve through enjoyment, you have to see fitness as a lifestyle!



The Fit 5: Common Fitness Myths

Discussed by Men’s Fitness Experts, this article is really interesting and answers some basic questions Im sure a lot of us ask in a regular base.

Read here or visit the link above

1)True or False: Spot Reduction

Where you lose weight on your body is purely genetic and can’t be encouraged.


“True. Unfortunately, when you train and diet to lose fat, you have little to no control over where it comes off most or in what proportions. Your body has certain genetically pre-determined sites that it likes to store fat (it’s often around the belly for men and the thighs or triceps for women), and if you store a lot of fat in these areas it may seem like you’re not losing any even though you know you’re getting leaner. Stay the course and eventually things should even out.”
2) True or False: Creatine Dependency

If you take creatine, you will have to take it for the rest of your life because your body will stop producing it.

“False. Your body may slow its natural creatine production since you’re providing it with supplementation, but this will reverse if you stop supplementing. There are no known adverse effects to discontinuing creatine use.”
3) True or False: Sweat and Muscle Growth

Does sweating profusely have an effect on muscle growth?

” False. The amount you sweat is in no way a sign of how quickly or slowly your muscles are growing. More muscle mass means a faster metabolism and your body temperature will rise more quickly with activity, but ultimately sweat isn’t a sign of anything other than your body being overheated.”
4) True or False: Leg Extension Exercise Injuries

Leg extension machines are the most destructive, range limiting exercise equipment you can use for your legs because, as the angle at the knee gets closer to 90 degrees, the weight is only supported by ligaments and meniscus compression. These machines should only be used when recommended by your physical therapist.

“True and False. Some physical therapists recommend the leg extension machine and some say to avoid it like the plague. It’s true that the knee is most unstable when bent 90 degrees, and the position the leg extension puts you in isn’t conducive to making functional muscle gains (you never sit down and extend both legs in front of you in sports or life). Still, for people coming back from leg injuries who can’t do other exercises well, it may be beneficial. If your goals are strictly bodybuilding and you want to bring out as much muscle in the thighs as possible, know that leg extensions have been a staple in the routines of most of the sport’s elite competitors for decades. It’s a controversial subject. “
5) True or False: ‘Fat Burning Zone’

“You should stay in your “fat burn zone” to make cardio effective to lose weight. I believe that, but don’t believe the calculations or the chart on the cardio machines. I have a slow metabolism and feel like I need to push it harder. I tend to use interval training.”

“False. There is no fat-burning zone. What this refers to is heart rates (usually around 65% to 75% of your max) where fat is burned as the primary fuel source. In other words, aerobic training. It’s perfectly fine to train in this supposed “zone,” but it may not be enough to lose significant fat. Remember that, while you may be burning a higher percentage of calories from fat in this zone, the training is only moderately intense, so you aren’t burning a great deal of calories overall. Your workouts will probably need to last close to an hour and be done several days a week to have an impact on your waistline—and that’s on top of following a careful diet. A better approach would be to do some light cardio so you burn fat directly and some interval training so you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories for days afterward. “



Election Night Drinks: Use your best judgement [click here to see the recipes]

Healthy Election Night Cocktails

“Win, lose, or…drink? Whether you lean right or left, these beverages will help you celebrate (or drown your sorrows) without too much guilt.” —Kim Tranell

I really hope that all of you follow your best judgement today when casting your votes.
Remember Always Fruit over Sugar…. 😉
He may flip-flop on some of the other issues, but one thing Mr. Romney has made clear during this campaign: his love for sugar will never waiver. And with just a touch of cream and chocolate syrup, this non-alcoholic drink is designed to satisfy any sweet tooth…without too much dietary damage.
Known to order matching margaritas, this recipe captures the first couple’s commitment to healthy foodchoices—and Mr. Obama’s Hawaiian origins.
Original link: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/what-to-drink/election-night-cocktails



After 6 years without any updated to my website, I finally got around to do something. For someone like me that is always working on design projects became hard to find the time to do this overdue update for myself.

I been consumed doing charity and free work during my free time and I thought it was time to do something for me. This new page although rushed and simple is one I enjoyed.

Looking forward for some feed back on what I call: MY SOCIAL WEBSITE. Let’s connect!