R•A•G•E — see #3.

R•A•G•E --- see #3.

rage |rāj|
1- violent, uncontrollable anger: her face was distorted with rage

2- the violent action of a natural agency: the rising rage of the sea.

3- [ in sing. ] a vehement desire or passion: a rage for absolute honesty informs much western art.

I have been raged many times, for multiple reasons. But lately I have been trying really hard to see the good side of things, for that reason I was looking for a good excuse for raging.

I been raging about fitness and health sometimes because some people dont understand the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, or simply because they feel entitled to control what I share online. But hey!, it’s fine to get mixed feelings expressed. some people might get offended because my picture of New York City is hot or because my legs are too big. in the end is people expressing individuality and that’s cool with me.

I am not offended by your Zoolander poorly taken pictures, so don’t be offended by my Rambo inspired legs pictures. Anyway, what I mean is that individuality comes with each of us and should pick what to share, what to see and what to read…



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