I am a foodie and can not lie.


I am a foodie and can not lie.

You also know that I do my best to eat the right things. According Men’s fitness magazine I am doing just fine: sweet potatoes, salmon, almonds, spinach (baby for me), blue berries, and some more… I think they missed white fish like tilapia, but everything is pretty good and easy to cook and it…

See the complete list here: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/what-to-eat/the-20-fittest-foods

Beast Mode 24/7/365


Beast Mode 24/7/365

So, this is me… BEASTING 24/7/365. When I am not at the gym or at work, I am definitely thinking of new ways to motivate myself and the people around me to join the battle for fitness.

Unfortunately I think a lot of people are either on denial of their actual physical state or in denial of their capabilities of achieving their goals.

I created this tank top in honor of the beasting spirit we all need to get where we want, either in fitness at work or in our relationships.

Check it out at: http://www.deividvaldez.com/nzc-store.html

REACH – photo by Luis Lopez, design by me.


REACH - photo by Luis Lopez, design by me.

Often times it’s Necessary to take ourselves of our comfort zone, jump high and reach for what we want… Things not always come our way, we have to go and get them. Just like we hear all the time: good things come to those that dont sit down around and wait, good things happen to those that go out and get them.

The next time you feel like I have so many time, discouraged, tired and about to give up on your job, that someone special, your health and fitness goal, or simply on that friend that let you down think again.

It takes only one action to change that feeling: Try again. Dust yourself off, wipe away your tear and go back at it. Anyway we know that we only become losers when we stop trying. I will fail 8 times, but definitely will try a 9th time or a 10th, whatever is necessary to get the outcome I want. you should do the same….

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R•A•G•E — see #3.


R•A•G•E --- see #3.

rage |rāj|
1- violent, uncontrollable anger: her face was distorted with rage

2- the violent action of a natural agency: the rising rage of the sea.

3- [ in sing. ] a vehement desire or passion: a rage for absolute honesty informs much western art.

I have been raged many times, for multiple reasons. But lately I have been trying really hard to see the good side of things, for that reason I was looking for a good excuse for raging.

I been raging about fitness and health sometimes because some people dont understand the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, or simply because they feel entitled to control what I share online. But hey!, it’s fine to get mixed feelings expressed. some people might get offended because my picture of New York City is hot or because my legs are too big. in the end is people expressing individuality and that’s cool with me.

I am not offended by your Zoolander poorly taken pictures, so don’t be offended by my Rambo inspired legs pictures. Anyway, what I mean is that individuality comes with each of us and should pick what to share, what to see and what to read…


ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 2


ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, not the in the gym! Part 2

Eating the right amount is as important as eating healthy food.
Goals: When it comes to be healthy and in optimal physical form we have to set goals. To set goals first you need to know where you are standing at, you have to decide if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or simply maintain your actual shape.

Learning to count calories is super important to help you have faster and concrete results.

I have been keeping track of my caloric intake for about 3 weeks now and the change is incredible.

I plan to post my progress photos at the end of week 4, for now visit Mike Matthews page at http://www.muscleforlife.com/ if you want to learn how to do what I am doing.

Lift – Don’t Talk!


Lift - Don't Talk!

How many of you agree that some people talk beyond need at the GYM?

The first thing I do when i am ready to head out to the gym is to make sure that my headphones are in my bag!

Music keeps me away from unwanted distractions and side conversations… when I workout with someone I will keep my headphones on ad do sign language… very little talk if needed.

Do the same and stay focused… visit my website and check my new tank tops for the summer…